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Lash Fridays Ultimate Bundle

Lash Fridays Ultimate Bundle

$207.99 Regular Price
$149.99Sale Price

Unlock the secrets to mesmerizing eyes with Lash Fridays' Ultimate Bundle. This exclusive set presents a quartet of Lash Fridays best-selling products - Lash Serum, Brow Serum, Brow Sculpt, and Caffeine Hydrogel Eye Pads - offered at a 27% discount.


 Lash Serum: Immerse your lashes in a blend of nourishing peptides, collagen, and vitamins, each drop designed to enhance length, volume, and vitality, crafting lashes that not only look but feel irresistibly lush.


 Brow Serum: A harmonic convergence of nature and science to restore and amplify your brows. Witness a transformation that leads to fuller, denser, and beautifully natural brows that frame your eyes with grace.


 Brow Sculpt: Step into the world where precision meets elegance. Sculpt, define, and celebrate your brows, creating a refined arch that’s imbued with both hold and definition for a look that transcends time.


 Caffeine Hydrogel Eye Pads: An oasis of rejuvenation. Infused with caffeine, each pad is a sanctuary for tired eyes, dissipating puffiness and awakening a radiance that speaks of untold beauty and vibrance.

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