After trialling many powders, pens, creams and butters we have developed a gloriously silky soft formulation that glides on and stays: Elleebana Precision Brow Series. Available in 3 shades,they are buildable and it’s easy to achieve clean brush stroke effects or more of a shadowed powder-like effect by blending out the strokes with the brush on the other end of the pencil. Benefits also include the pressure you use to apply can increase the result – you can use soft pressure for a gentle effect or more pressure for more definition, they are retractable making it mess free and super easy. The formulation contains bees and carnauba wax as well as castor oil all for hair nourishment and to create a soft non scratching application with Incredible staying power and long lasting wear. 

Elleebana Precision Brow Pencil Dark Ash Brown


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